AU where dragons are real and only peeps in the ace and aro spectrums can communicate with them and become their riders.

What do you mean AU



Looking hardcore is difficult when you’re this cute lol

every pic of you inspires me to level up my life

alistair is a confused heterosexual who does not know how to talk to girls

morrigan is an aggressive heterosexual who hates dudes because she hates everyone but still likes to bone

wynne, sten, and oghren are ace. shut up they’re all aro-ace now forever

and then…. the pans………. [gestures toward leli and zevran]

i dont have any good pictures of thelma at the moment other than this one

the human noble origin is so funny to me bcause fergus is a pretty cool guy he has a nice wife and a cute kid and he’s going to be the next teryn and then

then there’s this asshole

im tired and i just ate dinner and i’m going to play dragon age for 500 hours again and regret it


Here are some links that everyone can take advantage of, no matter what flight you are in!
Culex’s Leveling GuideGuide to Coliseum DropsColisum loot and monstersSwipp’s Swap StandRhea’s Swipp’s Swap Stand Spreadsheet!Breeding Dragons for NewbiesExalting Treasure Payout ChartFamiliar Bonding[Guide] Making Treasure![Guide] BBCode!Flight Rising Glossary!BREEDERS ASSOCIATIONS DIRECTORYKnown IssuesLinks to (other) Guides, Resources and Tools
There are a TON of raffles. Check out the Raffle Board to see what there is!


introverts:  follow the law, pay their taxes, do the dishes

extroverts:  don’t wash their hands after they use the bathroom, punch santa claus in the belly, don’t throw fish back in the lake after they’ve gone over the fishing limit, smash windows with baseball bats, don’t take their dogs out for walks, break the light switch from flicking it on and off too much

watch out guys! they’re using a smug anime morrigan as their picture!

smug anime avatars



"Everyone is an idiot except for me!"


"Well it’s true."